Handspun Natural and Naturally Dyed Wool Yarns - Various Colors

Handspun Natural and Naturally Dyed Wool Yarns


These yarns are handspun natural sheep colors or natural vegetable dyed
colors in 2 ply, worsted weight, 100% wool yarns. Handspun and dyed by Jean Nixon.

Yarn is not always available, and may take up to 6 months to receive. If
purchasing for a project, be sure to purchase enough yarn on your first order
as hand-dyed colors and even natural sheep colors are never the same twice.

Recommended for experienced knitters only as handspun yarn has
inconsistencies not found in commercial yarn.

Specify color preference: natural sheep colors - white (cream), gray (grays
vary from light to charcoal) dark (black-brown mix): $ .15/yard

Dyed colors (vary greatly from batch to batch) red (brick red), yellow, green, blue, or violet: $ .22/yd

(Note: Figure 200 yards for mittens and hats, 300 yards for man's stockings and 2,000 yards for a man's large sweater.)


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