Needlefelt Ornaments

Needlefelt Ornaments

Needlefelt Ornaments

All the ornaments pictured here are made from 100% wool and/or alpaca fibers. They are completely hand made and many are limited editions and will only be available this year, or until edition is sold out. Check for the star on individual items to determine which is a limited edition item. Watch for new items next year!

What is Needlefelt?

Needlefelt is a process of matting dry, raw or spun fibers together by using a sharp, barbed needle known as a “felting needle”. This process has opened up a whole new world to us here at the “Sheep Factory” allowing us to finally create 3 dimensional figures with unspun fibers, an idea that I have been haunted by and fiddling with, with limited success for years.

Now, through the use of the felting needle, we have the means to bring to you these adorable and whimsical, all natural fiber ornaments with an entirely new and different look at a reasonable price.

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